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Video: The Cold War on the East Germany Border

Most people when they hear about the Cold War they think of the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie. We were assigned to a section that didn't have a wall, it was called The Fulda Gap. We were one of three squadrons along that section (see the map in this video). It was the line in the sand that the East Germans and the USSR never crossed. That was good for both sides because we had Nukes.                                              More of my videos at

Outer Banks, NC Wild Horses

Check out this Willie Nelson Video

how we communicated before Cell Phones & the Internet

Most photos taken from June 1966 till December 1968

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Besides taking photos I enjoy Biking, Kayaking and Camping =love being outdoors.

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My Background

I've enjoyed taking photos since I first entered the Army at 17 in 1966.  I took my first photo after basic training (no cameras allowed during basic Training).  I've photographed many different subjects; Landscape, People,  Animals,  Architectural, Crime Scene (CSI), Insurance Work and more.  Have camera will travel.

Photography as Communication

I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people. I use my camera to document the world as I see it.  My pictures New & Old tell a story of past and present in B&W and in Color.  At times in a video.

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I'm here to share photos, stories, not to sell photos. Not to say that I would not consider selling rights to some.  My email